An award-winning sex-strike!

Remember the Liberian sex-striking activist I posted about last week, Leymah Gbowee? I just read this morning that she won the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize - CONGRATS!

Modern day Lysistratas are running the world, peace by peace!


An All-American Sex Strike!

Earlier I posted about sex strikes around the world, but little did I know there might be another one in the works right here in the USA! According to this article, a woman in Boston has been pitching the idea to her community to help pull our troops out of Afghanistan and Iran. Just thought I’d share!


Another Sex Strike!

imageThere’s another sex-striking female activist I’m currently obsessed with: Liberian activist, Leymah Gbowee. I just found this article on her here, and it reminded me of Lysistrata, so I figured I’d share it with you!

Let’s give it up for another powerful woman who refused to give it up!


Trend alert: Sex strikes!

imageGuess what, guys!? The women of a Filipino village went on a sex strike earlier this summer to end violence in their area! These brave women said “no way!” to their husbands until they agreed to peace, just like the original Lyssie in Aristophanes’ play, and according to a CNN article, “their stand helped end clashes in July between villages in rural Mindanao Island.”

So let’s give it up for these fearless Filipino women!